This is a comprehensive English-language treatment of the Danish grammar 
for students and other people 
interested in knowing something about 
the Danish language.

The grammar will currently be revised and increased

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The grammar text written in black is for all students.

Grammar Text written in blue is mostly for students interested in a deeper knowledge 
of the Danish language.

My Danish Grammar in 7-8 Other Languages

Guide de Prononciation avec fichiers de son

My grammar in French
Translated by Michel vBolloré
My grammar in Italian
Translated by Laura Boero

Gramática Dinamarquesa

My grammar in Portuguese 
Translated by Helcio Domingues
Gramatica Daneza My grammar in Romanian 
Translated by Andreea Dumitru
My grammar in Russian
Translated by Roman Laryushkin

My grammar in Macedonian
Translated by Nikola Levandis/AnaAl.

Danish Grammar in Chinese

My Danish grammar in Chinese  
Translated by Rain Qiu

Danish Basic Grammar

My standard Danish grammar in English

Dán Nyelvtan

My grammar in Hungarian 
Under construction
Gramática Danesa My grammar in Spanish 
Under construction

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See also the article by
Prof. Vulf Plotkin, D.Sc.

On the Typological Evolution
of the Danish Morphological System

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